Delivering a successful business solution is not just about software and technology. It is a series of communications and interactions encompassing analysing, estimating, managing, implementing, deploying and administering the entire project. Tour operators often struggle through those activities.

With vast experience in travel automation, InsideTravel Technology is there to make this as straight forward as possible.

Our consultants will ensure that:

  • You only take on the features of our software that are right for your business.
  • The relevant information is gathered at the right stages in the project lifecycle.
  • Work is carried out at the right time and in the right order.
  • You're having clear, effective communication throughout the implementation phase.
  • We are delivering high-value, well-built, well-tested software to your organisation.
  • Your team is fully trained and ready for this change.


Our software is a complete Inbound and Outbound Tour Operator solution for tailor-made holidays, incentive travel and group tours.

It has been specifically designed to provide structure and automation to specialist small to medium sized travel companies, whilst providing the flexibility that ensures the creativity of your staff is never stifled and your unique ways of working are catered for. The system has modules that handle both Group Tours and Tailor-made FIT.

Our software helps to integrate all aspects of the travel business. It is not just a CRM and not just a booking system. Rather it pulls together every different strand of tour operating to help make the organisation more efficient and to provide their clients with a seamless high level of service even as the business expands and take on increased client numbers. This can be one of the hardest challenges for any travel company and our software is there to make this as straight forward as possible.


Our preventative maintenance programme is designed to eliminate potential problems before they occur. The key objective here, should a disaster occur, is to make sure that you are “up and running” as quickly as possible. The Preventative Maintenance programme is automatically included with our hosting solutions, but can be optionally added to our other solutions.

Our support service offers:

  • An online Help Desk where issues can be recorded and tracked. Each client is given a secured login account, which enables them to log new issues, investigate the progress of submitted issues.
  • Real-time technical support where, with your approval, we can access any of your staff workstations so we can see and experience what they are experiencing, and hence reach a speedy resolution of the issue.
  • Weekly health checks on the database engine that manages your data (Microsoft SQL), and on the server that hosts it. We will make sure that your data is always at peak performance.
  • Daily “offsite” backup of your entire database and associated documents. The data can be stored at our purpose built secure facility resistant to fire, smoke and natural disasters, or you could opt out for a location of your choice.