Why choose ITT?

Benefits in every department

InsideTravel Technology provides a set of powerful tools for all areas of your business, from the sales consultants to the product managers, to the accounts department. Our product has been carefully structured to make every part of your business more efficient, integrating all areas of your operation to increase productivity across the organisation; automating what can be automated whilst maintaining the flexibility for staff creativity and inspiration to shine through.

Reservation Consultants

A booking system should make the tasks of your reservation consultants easier, not more complicated. With easy-touse client & booking lookup and CRM functions, a logical system of automated tasks for managing work flow and a clear, easy-on-the-eye structure for each booking, our software will dramatically increase the productivity of your bookings team. In a world where the consumer demands high quality and accurate quotes in less time than ever, our software will enable your consultants to meet those ever increasing expectations.

Product Managers

Our software provides centralised management of all products and suppliers and makes the data available in all areas of your business. Keep a tight control on product pricing and descriptions whilst simultaneously keeping your sales team informed and your web-site up-to-date. The product database enables your company to store your team’s knowledge and make it available to everyone, thus improving the flow of knowledge through your organisation.

Marketing Managers

Marketing is crucial to growing any business. Our technology incorporates powerful marketing tools enabling you to accurately gauge the effectiveness and direct financial value of any marketing activity. More than merely reporting on campaigns, our technology allows you to perform ad-hoc reports and queries using any criteria within the system, thus enabling you to plan new marketing campaigns and generate new leads. With HTML e-mail-shot tools as well as conventional mail merge, our technology provides a sophisticated marketing solution to any business.

Team Leaders

Our technology will help you to keep close track of your team’s performance with a range of tools for monitoring staff and product performance. Real-time reporting provides an instant snap-shot of where your team stands at any given time. Compare performance over days, weeks and months to ensure that your team is performing at the highest level. Instant financial reporting helps you to make sure margins are maintained and targets are being met. A simple system of escalated tasks helps ensure no lead escapes follow-up, that all documents are issued in a timely and efficient manner and that all payments are received on time.

Financial Managers

Financial control is at the heart of any business and our software provides all the necessary tools. Manage supplier payments, client receipts, agency commissions, VAT and regulatory reports (ABTA, ATOL etc.) and foreign currency commitments. Our software also integrates with most versions of Sage, MYOB, Quickbooks and C5, providing an easy way to pass financial information from our software to your accounting solution with no need to change your established practices.

Business Owners

Spend time focused on your business, not in your business. Through powerful opportunity management, forecasting, reporting, analytics and dashboards, our software will give you the real-time insights you need to manage every aspect of your company’s performance as well as the confidence to take bold business decisions. Launch new product lines confident that your team can utilise them instantly; take on new staff safe in the knowledge that they will be productive within weeks not months; hedge your foreign currency commitments based on forecasts you can trust to be accurate. As well as all this, the robust organisational and database structure of our software helps lock in the value of your business. In short, our software adds financial worth to your company.